We guarantee the best inspections.


We are inspectors for your liner, we are the Quality Assurance department, we will not allow errors to go unfixed during the installation of your liner. We guarantee the best inspections, as our inspectors cannot be compromised.

We monitor and record each panel being installed, seams, necessary repairs, seam air testing, vacuum and spark testing, track & receive inventory and each of the destructive samples.

As liner inspectors, we take care of the installation of your geomembrane systems.

With us as your liner inspectors, you maximize quality, production levels, and efficiencies pertaining to all geosynthetic construction activities required by the project.

With us as liner inspectors we ensure all assigned projects are conducted according to your specification book.

PEEL AND SHEAR TESTS, ON-SITE. As a great complement to our inspection activities, we also perform the Peel and Shear tests on Destructive Samples.

With our own tensiometer, we perform testing on-site to improve the response time of the results, saving your project money in productivity, shipping costs and our prices beat external lab prices, every time.

Contact us and surprise yourself at how your project can save money by hiring us.