About Us
Over 10 years experience in inspection.

About Us

We are third party Quality Assurance inspectors of geomembrane, with a wide experience in the field inspecting liner (HDPE and LDPE), Geonet, GCL, Geotextiles, and geocomposite drainage.

We have over 10 years experience in inspection, and have developed various methods and techniques to meet and exceed the expectations of the client and the authoritative body.

Our experience has been acquired through feet on the ground, day by day work in a vast array of project types. We are always directly addressing the problems inspecting the installation of geomembrane.

We have inspected geomembrane cell construction in mines, final disposal sites for hazardous materials, water retention ponds, operational ponds, storm drain ponds, animal waste lagoons, and more.

Our group is composed of both professionals and technicians all with a strong background in liner, and a track record of several million square feet of inspection. With us as your Quality Assurance staff, your geomembrane installation will be a success.