Geomembrane Inspections
We are liner inspectors, Liners QA
Little INSPECTION details are the key to the succes
No matter how BIG your project is

We are liner inspectors, Liners QA.

We are specifically dedicated to the inspection of the liner installation project. As third-party inspectors, without any commitment from the installation contractor, we offer 100% effective and secure inspections right down to the last deployed panel.

With today's rapidly developing technologies and industrial products and practices, frequently comes the generation of hazardous wastes, liquids, gels and solids. The installation of geomembrane into designed cells and the subsequent inspection is a small part in a larger effort in the caring for and cleanup of our environment. We strive to protect our environment and implement actions consistent with balancing human activities and natural systems and maintaining the ability to support and nurture life.

Geomembrane inspection in installation projects are not only required by the authorities, but is a vital part of maintaining a successful cell in both the short and long run.

The proper monitoring and recording of every deployed panel, each welded seam, all necessary repairs and the adequate inspection of air, vacuum and spark test, are the necessary tools to achieve a quality inspection.

As a great complement to our inspection activities, we also perform on-site Peel and Shear testing on Destructive Samples. On-site destructive testing improves the response time and product quality.

In addition to the obvious time and effort saved by identifying quality concerns early, dollars can be saved directly as our destruct testing prices are more than competitive with prices offered by external laboratories.